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Medical Policies

Medical Procedures

When it is necessary for your child to receive a prescription medication during school hours, the medicine must be in its original container and a form must be completed by the prescribing physician. These forms are available at the local clinics and the school offices. Tylenol or OTC medication will be administered with written parental permission only. It must be in the original container with written instructions as to the dose and time of administration. The nurse or delegated personnel will give all medication in the health office.
We will NOT, however, give any OTC medication beyond the recommended dosage of the manufacturer without a physician's order. Also, any aspirin or other products not recommended for children under 12 will not be given without a written doctor's authorization.

Inhalers and Epi-Pens:

If your child is capable of and has been instructed in the proper method of self-administration of either of these medications, they may be permitted to carry with them at all times. We will, however, need a form completed by the prescribing physician and a parental release. The school principal and I will need to review and accept any of these requests.